Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Art is Important

Iacopo Pasquinelli, "Memories are Made of These", Oil on Panel, 34" x 81"

My husband, Iacopo Pasquinelli,  recently had a successful Art Exhibit on Long Island.  The comments left in the guest book were absolutely touching.  It reminds me that art does matter - it lifts the spirit, it inspires and allows one to dream.  Some of the quotes are listed below.

"A great peace came over me in the art gallery this morning.  Thank you for the beauty you contribute to the world!"  Lisa G.

"Yet another wonderful surprise on my 13-hour Long Island vacation."  Joanne B.

"I do a lot of work in the Huntington waterways.  Your paintings put me back in the water - well done!"  Chet L.

"Thank you for capturing the artistry of the North Shore of Long Island." JFP

Artists always have a tough time turning admirers into buyers.  Alan Bamberger of wrote a great article on Why Should People Buy and Own Art?" . It's worth a read for artists who need to convince potential clients to take the leap and purchase the piece of artwork that really speaks to them.

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