Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Recommendation: "How to Become a Famous Artist and Still Paint Pictures"

Front Cover

An artist friend of mine loaned me the book, "How to Become a Famous Artist and still Paint Pictures", by W. Joe Innis, artist and writer.  The book was originally printed in 1994, so it is out of date regarding the internet as a viable sales source for artists, but much of his advice still holds true.  It's such a funny and well written book, with many good tidbits of information and advice for artists, that it's still a great read.  Below are a couple of points that Innis makes about artists, their craft and their patrons:

"A painter's life is populated with ideas, color he has seen, and hope, hope that his next canvas will reflect a small part of how he feels about it all."

" An artist ought to live before he paints and the canvas he produces ought to stand as a testament to what he's seen."

"A good painting will speak to you if you care to listen but don't be embarrassed if the language is intimate: a whispered exchange between the one who paints it and the one who sees it."

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Auction: "Looking for Crabs Study" Oil, 7" x 5"

Lost in the moment while looking for crabs on a spring afternoon.  Enjoying the fading sunlight and the touch of the cool water.  Life can be so simple and so sweet.

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