Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gallery North Exhibit: Poetry and the Art of Eating

"Otto E Mezzo", Oil on Board, 9.5" x 14", 2014

My husband, Iacopo, and I will be participating in the Poetry and the Art of Eating Exhibit at Gallery North in Setauket, NY  that opens tomorrow, April 25th.  I painted a still life that conjures up images of weekend mornings when one might have time to leisurely read the paper over a cup of coffee.  The espresso cup has an image of Federico Fellini, the great Italian Director.  I received the espresso set as a gift from the sponsors of a photography exhibit of Federico Fellini at a gallery in NYC a couple of months before he passed away.  If you haven't seen the film, "8 1/2", you should.  It's very poetic, touching and artistic.

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