Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Painting: "Last Blush" Oil on Linen, 10" x 8"

Every year I look forward to watching the daffodils spring forth in my front yard.  These daffodils were left by the previous owner who passed away, but her flowers come back to life every year.  I'll have to wait for next year to paint them again since these were some of the last to flower.  Now I'm looking forward to painting the lilac that is almost fully blossomed and teeming with flowers this year.  This painting will be on display at the Old Lyme Country Club, CT this summer.

I found a more pleasing composition by slightly changing the flower arrangement in my painting.  The middle flower was raised in the painting in order to create a more dynamic triangular shape. I also changed the relative dimensions to make sure that the painting fit properly on my canvas.   For purchase information, click here.

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