Saturday, January 30, 2016

Art Classes: The Reboli Atelier

Beginner Cast Course

I am now teaching at the newly opened Reboli Atelier in St. James, NY.  My class focuses on the Classical Realist techniques I learned while training in Italy. This is a great starting point for anyone who is serious about learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting.  Feel free to stop in for a free class anytime during the semester.

Beginner students will learn to draw and paint by copying plaster casts of Greek and Italian statues. Special emphasis is placed on students completing a sequential series of plaster cast drawings, from simple statue segments to complex bust and figures. All students in this course will begin with graphite, progress on to charcoal and then finish with a grisaille oil painting.

Click Here or on the Above Link to go directly to the Atelier Website for registration.

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