Saturday, December 6, 2014

Painting In Progress: "Corkscrew"

When we bought our house, we were pleasantly surprised to find this vintage corkscrew hiding in a kitchen draw.  Because it's the corkscrew I use every time I open a bottle of wine, I decided to pay homage to it in a painting.  I've wanted to paint directly on wood for some time, but I was worried that it's almost impossible to correct any paint-stroke that goes astray.

 For this painting, I made sure to have a precise drawing in pencil first.  I measured the height and width of the actual corkscrew in order to make a life-size drawing.  Then I drew a plumb line and centered the drawing on the line.  Once the drawing was in place, I started to paint a base coat in titanium white mixed with mineral spirits.  The base coat was applied only to the corkscrew part of the painting and not to it's cast shadow since I wanted the wood grain to show through the transparent shadow.   The next day I started the initial lay-in of color. Stay tuned for the finished product.

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