Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Williams Prize Winner: "Niobe" Charcoal on Paper

"Niobe" - Charcoal on White Paper
"Niobe" Work in Progress

This drawing will be on view at my Open House.  It depicts, Niobe, a tragic figure in Greek Mythology who lost all her children to the Gods.  I drew this close-up to hone in on the features of her face.  These realistic charcoal drawings take me a long time since I have to layer the charcoal and very delicately render the mid-tones, but its a great excercise in control and in values.  I was able to complete this drawing in time to enter it into the Williams Prize for Drawing for Emerging Artists Competition and it is one of the exhibition winners.  The Williams Prize is a prestigious competition that celebrates drawing as a critical element in contemporary art making.  To see the other prize winners and for more information, click here.

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cheryl meehan said...

Interesting how you have the window in front of your set up. Great idea. I'm guessing you're doing the sight size method. Anyway, nice work!