Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Auction: "Let the Sun Shine In" Remembrance Series

"Let the Sun Shine In", Oil on Linen, 6" x 8"

Portrait painting has traditionally been a way for artists to immortalize a sitter.  But there are other ways that people leave their mark in the world.  We moved into our house less than two years ago.  We have constant reminders of the couple who built and lived in the house until they passed away.  Every spring, flowers that they planted begin to pop up in the lawn and around the property - daffodils, hyacinth, lilies, lilac, ... Many of the flowers get mowed down by our young landscapers, so I moved them to new flower beds.  When the snow melted this spring, I was happily surprised to see groups of green stems popping out of the ground.  These flowers are constant reminders of what existed in the past and how the spirit of someone can live on in another form.  If you would like to bid on this painting, click here.

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